Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Solar Photovoltaic systems (PV system) use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. The system is made up of one or more solar Photovoltaic (SPV) panels, a DC/AC power converter (also known as an inverter), a racking system that holds the solar panels, electrical interconnections, and mounting for other components. Optionally it may include a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), battery system and charger, solar tracker and a energy management software. A small SPV system may provide energy to a single consumer, or can provide the energy needed by many customers. The electricity generated can be either stored, used directly, or fed into a large electricity grid. Solar Photovoltaic Systems are generally designed in order to ensure the highest energy yield for a given investment.

SPTech are the suppliers of world- class photovoltaic modules with the requisite certifications. We deal with both Mono and Multi-crystalline solar modules ranging from 10W to 270W in power output. The modules are built as per global specification and MNRE standards for use in residential, commercial and other solar power generation systems.

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