Led Lights

SPTech offers cost effective, Eco-friendly, Indoor and Outdoor LED lighting solutions for Home, offices, commercial establishments, manufacturing units etc.

About LED Lighting

LED lights are lamps and lighting solutions that use light emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lights are more preferred today because of its numerous benefits over conventional compact fluorescent lamp (CFLs) and incandescent light bulbs.

Advantage of LED

LED light bulbs are more rugged and damage-resistant than incandescent light bulbs. Today, LED’s are finding their use in a wide range of applications like:

  • Indoor Lights
    • Down Lights
    • Corridor Lights
    • Spot Lights
    • Workstation Lights... etc
  • Outdoor Lights
    • Street Lights
    • Focus Lights
    • Spike Lights
    • Flood Lights... etc
  • Solar Lights
    • Street Lights
    • Lanterns
    • Home Light Luminaries.. etc
    • Indicator Lights for Solar Products

LEDs offer many advantages over traditional lighting systems such as longer life span, lower energy consumption, improved robustness, smaller size, faster switching times, and better durability and reliability. A group of LEDs is capable of producing high-intensity light.

Main benefits of LED bulbs are:

  • Longer Life - An LED light bulb is expected to last for about 50,000 hours of use under normal use.
  • Less energy usage - LED light bulbs operate at low DC voltages, as low as 12 volts, or even lower.
  • Environmental friendly - LED’s contain no harmful mercury or other toxic chemicals. They emit less carbon dioxide when compared to other lighting sources that contain harmful mercury or other toxic chemicals.
  • Generates cooler light - LEDS’s do not have filament or Gas to generate Light. The Light generated from LED’s are much cooler when compared to other light sources.