Industry Readiness

Industry readiness training’s main focus is to enable students for improving his/her chances for getting employed. The course is designed after consulting many industry experts from various IT/ITES industries. The training will equip students with required competencies and skills to face the interviews successfully for getting better employed. This training is best suited for students who are in their final semester of their graduation or even for those who have completed their graduation and looking for placement opportunities.

Graduated individuals need a broad array of skills to succeed in today's competitive market. They must possess basic skills necessary to enable them to acquire and sustain employment. There are a number of qualities and skills that they need to have, including personal attributes, interpersonal skills and management capability. While many students may not have all of them right now, there are certain basic skills that they really must have to be a true and successful professional.

  • Communication Skills
  • E-Mail Etiquette
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Leadership Qualities

The training also consists of generic modules to help the student to equip himself in the areas of software engineering and project management which are much needed skills in the industry today. Depending upon the student’s interest, the training has been divided into various streams viz.

  • Dot Net Professional
  • Java Professional
  • Open Source
  • Database Administrator

A small mini live project at the end of the training will help the student to implement the skills he has learnt into real time practice.

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